Brooklyn’s Luxuriously FLY “The Cheese Wagon”

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Creator of The Cheese Wagon, Jamar James AKA Skely is taking men’s fashion to a whole new level, exploring what it really mean’s to look and feel luxuriously fly. During our very informal interview, I really got a chance to question and understand the whole idea behind “The Cheese Wagon”, which I am sure a lot of people may ask: “What and where exactly is this name inspired from?” Well, with an increase in energy and a reminiscent laugh, Jamar was sure ready to give a story. “As a youngster, “the wagon” was a term used as a joke or slang to poke fun at something, just something we grew up saying. People knew us for that name. When we got a little older and mature we put “Cheese” in front of the “Wagon” as a stamp of growth and entering man hood. It was like, we ain’t boys no more, it’s time to hop on the money train! Hints: “The Cheese Wagon”, it’s a lifestyle.”

Since early adolescence, Jamar has helped run the Brooklyn fashion scene, creating a buzz for his smooth, classic & clean cut style. While already obtaining a good eye for fashion along with natural artistic skill, it was not hard to bring his vision of men’s apparel to life. Teaming up with life long colleague and friend, Julius Ben, The Cheese Wagon clothing line was introduced to Brooklyn. The “I Love BK” T’s were the first Cheese Wagon creation and it was an instant hot commodity. Now, celebrating it’s five year anniversary, The Cheese Wagon line of classic, luxurious, swagged out apparel has been on the backs of many. Have you hopped on the Cheese Wagon Yet?

This is only the beginning! Stay in tuned with what The Cheese Wagon has in store!

The Cheese Wagon is available at The Wagon Boutique in Brooklyn, NY or online @

Special shoutout to Ju from The HFM Group!!

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