Why people should practice Celibacy?

Monday, October 11, 2010

Every person who practice celibacy has their own personal reasons for abstaining from sex. It could be that they want to wait for marriage, adhere to religious beliefs, or recover from a bad sexual experience. Staying celibate may be difficult, but it is obtainable.
Society makes it seems as if people that practice ceblibacy  are unattractive,  they have no sexual feelings or they aren’t getting any ‘action’ so to speak. Which is not always true.  If you decide Celibacy is something you would like to practice...

Some advantages of Celibacy
Freedom from sexually transmitted diseases
Freedom from abortion
Freedom from exploitation of others
Freedom from guilt, doubt, disappointment, worry, and rejection
Freedom to be in control of your life
Freedom to focus energy on establishing and realizing life goals
Freedom to develop respect for self
Freedom to develop unselfish sensitivity
Freedom to have greater trust in marriage

Freedom to experience fuller communication in relationships

Here are some helpful tips from :

Keep away from temptation. Do not put yourself in situations that might lead to sexual activity, such as close quarters with someone of the attractive sex. Don't spend time alone and secluded together unless you absolutely know that you can control of yourself in that situation. To stay celibate, steer away from situations that will tempt you to break your vow.

Find a strong support system. Let a friend or family member know your decision to stay celibate. They can help you deal with any conflict that you experience because of this decision.

Be honest with your partner. If you are dating someone, let her know up front that you plan to stay celibate. If you are upfront, then she can decide if she still wants to pursue a relationship with you.

Look to your religion for inspiration. Many religions promote celibacy and let you know the reasons that you should continue to abstain from sex. Speak to a religious leader in your church about your decision.

Date someone with the same belief system. Sometimes celibate people find it easier to get involved with a person that has also chosen to abstain from sex. Celibacy allows a romantic relationship to grow and develop tenderness, maturity, and self-giving.                                        

True love takes a long time, and staying away from sex makes the relationship more stable, not less. A man is impressed by a woman's sweet and gentle "No," if he has pushed her. It increases his respect and trust in her. It makes him want to be a better man, even if he's been a player in the past. The delightful erotic tension is the beginning of legendary love stories that make for good marriages.

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