How to eat healthy during Thanksgiving?

Monday, November 22, 2010

Many of us looking forward to large plate of every type of food during Thanksgiving. We dont realized that many people gain the most weight during the holidays. 

Many people view thanksgiving just like they view a buffet. I believe when people see an overabundance of food they take in more than they can chew literally. Have you ever wondered why during thanksgiving some families cook enough food to feed 100 people, but only invite about 20 people. What usually happens is the 20 people end up eating enough food to feed 100 people. This thanksgiving don't overeat. Watch the amount of food you eat. What do you think happens to 6 plates of food sitting inside your stomach when you sit around and watch TV and sleep afterwards.

You must watch what you drink as well, instead of gulping down about 10 glasses of sodas, drink something healthy like water. Even apple cider is a lot better choice than soda. Most people will eat during thanksgiving sit down for about an hour and get up and start devouring all their favorite desserts in one sitting. Where does pumpkin pie, cheese cake, banana pie, pecan pie, and chocolate cake go after you eat it. Instead of getting 5 types of desserts if you must have desert get just one serving of desert.

Try eating alot of green vegetables during thanksgiving, be conscious of how much food you are eating. Instead of sitting down immediately following your meal go for a walk.

Load your plate with vegetables first. Be wary of casserole dishes though; they are still high in fat and calories. Get a piece of lean meat that is about the size of a deck of cards and remove the skin. You will now have lean protein without excess fat and cholesterol. Use about a quarter of your plate for the yummy items you enjoy. Try a bite of two of each item to keep your plate filled with a variety of food.

What you drink can make or break your healthy Thanksgiving. If you find yourself drinking and socializing you may end up having several cocktails or sodas, which can add hundreds of additional calories to your day. Drink a tall glass of water first. This will fill your stomach and keep your body hydrated. If you do decide to have a cocktail or a soda, limit yourself to only one drink.

When you eat your meal be sure to eat slowly. Chew each bite thoroughly and take your time. If you eat too fast you will still feel hungry and be tempted to make another plate. Stop eating when you no longer feel hungry. Do not eat until the point of discomfort and being overly full. Eat the items on your plate in the order or healthiest item to least healthy. If you consume all of your vegetables followed be turkey, you may not even need to eat the sweet potatoes or green bean casserole you chose

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  1. Good post. Def since I am not tying to gain so much, its good to pick up greens and not overindulge. Portion control has to be used!


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