Brooklyn principal confiscates Poet/Artist Tylibah book " Streets in Poem Form" from students

Friday, December 24, 2010

Our good friend Tylibah Washington is an upcoming Poet/Artist straight out of Brooklyn. She is unique in all areas of the entertainment field. She sings,rap and writes poetry. Tylibah is very active in giving back to the community and inspiring NYC school kids. She led a 4-week program at the school called “Poetry In Motion.” It was designed to help students find their voice through poetry. 

Tylibah Washington best selling book "Streets in Poem Form" is stirring up controversy.  A Brooklyn principal isn't too happy  with her  book and confiscated books from students .Tylibah stated that her poems don’t glorify drugs or violence, but simply address the realities of urban life and teach kids about the consequences of negative behavior.

 The HFM Group feels that "Streets in Poem Form" is an awesome book that is  great for inspiring kids as well as adults. We have watched Tylibah over the years attend schools and teach kids. She has always receive great feedback. One bad critic will not stop her show. Keep up the good work Tylibah!!!  

Article from Daily News

A consultant distributed her racy urban poetry books at dozens of schools, and a Brooklyn principal scrambled to confiscate them after a complaint about explicit verses.
Tylibah Washington, a goddaughter of City Councilman Charles Barron, gave out about 60 copies of "Streets in Poem Form" to fifth-graders at Public School 279 in Canarsie.
One of the poems - "Supa-Dupa!" - contains a reference to a crackhead performing oral sex. Another - "Who's The Evil Axis?" - says former President George W. Bush "loves war so much he gets an erection!"
Students, parents and teachers said they were shocked at the graphic imagery in three of the 22 edgy poems.
"I'd be appalled if my child came home with that book," said a teacher who spoke on the condition of anonymity. "It's definitely not appropriate for a 10-year-old."
PS 279 Principal Lorenzo Chambers said a student flagged a verse to a teacher, who brought it to his attention. He asked that the books be returned.
Washington, 26, gave out the 67-page books at the E. 104th St. school on the final day of a four-week writing workshop she taught there.
She said she has given out about 5,000 copies of her book at 50 city schools with no complaints - until now.
"My message is positive and I'm encouraging kids to read," said Washington, who was paid $37,915 for her work in city schools this year.
Barron (D-Brooklyn) said his goddaughter's book should be in more schools.
"I find it interesting that 'Huckleberry Finn' is a classic when it says [the N-word] 200 times," Barron said.
"Tylibah's book is the opposite. It's very inspiring," he said. "I'd like to see 'Huckleberry Finn' banned."
The principal said he didn't read Washington's book until after it was distributed.
"No one can read every word in every book," said Chambers, a graduate of Mayor Bloomberg's elite Leadership Academy, which trains new principals.
Education Department spokeswoman Margie Feinberg said principals are free to choose the books distributed at their schools.
"Principals can select books on their own to supplement the curriculum," Feinberg said.
"[Washington] has registered with the DOE, and this allows her to reach out to schools to see who would be interested in her program."

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