The Daddy & Daughter Balls becomes more Popular !

Monday, May 16, 2011

Have you ever heard of “The Daddy and Daughter Balls”? If not, you are not alone. These balls have been quietly sweeping the nation. They are  used as teaching and bonding  moments to break the cycle of  young ladies who lack self esteem. Years ago it was part of common society that a young lady would have her first dance with her father. It was her introduction to polite society. Sometimes, it was just a social agreement  announcing that this young lady had a father figure in her life. Black Planet is fortunate enough to have a group dedicated to fathers called “Black Fathers In Atlanta United” who are helping to give a positive role modeling and support to those dad’s who are doing the right thing.
We show little to no regard for the fact that there are dozens of Father’s who are taking their role seriously and stepping up to the plate. Often it is just not a story that gets told or lost. Today, we change that with this story. 
We hear so much about the negative stories, that when there is a positive story it gets buried. Here is a story of Black fathers and their beautiful daughters that you may have missed.

We are so happy to have a dance with our father on numerous occasions , He is the best !!!

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