6 Essential Flat-Belly Foods, Time to trim the belly

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Many of us feel that  "belly fat" is the hardest area to get rid of.  During the summer with all summer bbqs and festivals, we tend to eat out more.  Add these 6 flat-belly foods for weight loss to your daily (or weekly) diet, and watch as the pounds melt away.

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Skip the cold cereal: Eating eggs and bacon in the morning can help you control your hunger later in the day. Indiana University scientists determined that dieters who consumed their biggest dose of daily protein at breakfast felt full longer than those who ate more of the nutrient at lunch or dinner. The upshot: “They were less likely to overeat the rest of the day,” says study author Heather Leidy, Ph.D. To fend off hunger, shoot for at least 20 to 30 grams of protein at breakfast.


Turns out, an apple a day may also keep the extra weight away. Penn State researchers discovered that people who ate a large apple 15 minutes before lunch took in 187 fewer calories during lunch than those who didn’t snack beforehand. (The apples had around 128 calories.) What’s more, they reported feeling fuller afterward, too. Sure, the fruit is loaded with belly-filling fiber, but there’s another reason apples help you feel full: They require lots of chewing, which can make you think you’re eating more than you really are, says study author Julie Obbagy, Ph.D.


In a recent study, Louisiana State University scientists discovered that people who ate half a grapefruit three times a day lost 4 pounds in 12 weeks, even though they hadn’t deliberately altered any other part of their diets. Although the mechanism isn’t clear, the researchers speculate that grapefruit’s acidity may slow your rate of digestion, helping keep you full longer

Iced Coffee

Coffee reduces your appetite, increases your metabolism, and gives you a shot of antioxidants. A study published in the journal Physiology & Behavior found that the average metabolic rate of people who drink caffeinated coffee is 16 percent higher than that of those who drink decaf. Caffeine stimulates your central nervous system by increasing your heart rate and breathing. Honestly, could there be a more perfect beverage? Plus, frequent mini servings of caffeine (8 ounces of coffee or less) keep you awake, alert, and focused for longer than a single jumbo one would, according to sleep experts. When you quickly drink a large coffee, the caffeine peaks in your bloodstream much sooner than if you spread it out over time. Start your day with an 8 ounce coffee (the "short" size is available by request at Starbucks). Or, ask for a large half caf. Then keep the caffeine lightly flowing with a lunchtime cappuccino (it's got only 75 mg, which is about one quarter of what you'd get in a 16 ounce coffee)

Pork Chops

Per gram of protein, pork chops contain almost five times the selenium - an essential mineral that's linked to a lower risk of prostate cancer - of beef, and twice that of chicken. And Purdue researchers found that a 6-ounce serving daily helped people preserve their muscle while losing weight.

Full fat cheese

This dairy product is an excellent source of casein protein - one of the best muscle-building nutrients you can eat. What's more, Danish researchers found that even when men ate 10 ounces of full-fat cheese daily for 3 weeks, their LDL ("bad") cholesterol didn't budge.

7 Habits That Make Great Opportunities Happen

Saturday, July 30, 2011

We came across this great article by Liz Strauss Speaker and Social Media Strategist. Check it out :)

Article by Liz Strauss
Everyone hears about that person who is “in the right place at the right time.” Maybe you know someone who seems to be that person all of the time. We have those friends who walk right into the perfect job and achieve the right promotions as if they have a crystal pointing them in the right direction. They get awarded the best projects and their presentations get praise and standing ovations from the special guests who showed up to hear them. How do they do that?

It’s not fate or a great gene pool. It’s not an accident. It’s not even a lucky star. People who enjoy consistent success know what it takes to make great opportunities happen. Change a few habits and people might be wondering how you get so many opportunities, too.

It’s true. You don’t need luck if you can make things happen; you need strategy. Simply stated, strategy is a realistic plan to move forward by taking advantage of the opportunities that suit your unique abilities. It’s a matter of having control. It takes time and some attention, but buying a lottery ticket takes that and money, too.

Want to make good things happen for you? Here are seven habits that make great opportunities happen.

1. Pay attention

Value curiosity and collect information. Make a habit of interacting with your environment. Notice things that happen around you. People who notice things know more than people who don’t.

Notice the kind of preparation and responses people value.

Notice how you can make processes and meetings work better.

Notice what makes people’s lives easier, faster and more meaningful.

Notice ways that you can add value without taking something away from those around you.

Develop a habit of paying attention. You’ll grow as a person and you’ll become a natural resource to the people who work with you. It will become natural for them to think of you when new opportunities happen.

2. Think of your work as important

No matter how dull, uninteresting, or seemingly useless the project, assume a higher purpose is driving it. Bring your best talents and most dedicated attitude to it. What you think changes how you feel and what you do. People will respond to the importance you place on the work that you’re executing. Develop a habit of honoring your work. People will place more value on the work you do and start to look for opportunities where they might use your higher-level abilities.

3. Be aware of the potential of your impact

The way you look, the smile you give, the way you answer on your cellphone—each causes a response in someone you might never be told. Everything you do has an impact. When you make decisions, think them through to understand how they will affect other people. Develop a habit of considering how your actions affect the people around you. People will see that you make work easier, rather than making more work for them.

4. Imagine opportunities everywhere you look

Lucky people know that opportunity is always present. Look for ideas and trends that match your interests and your skill set. Bend and twist those ideas to make them uniquely yours. Develop a habit of looking at everything to see how you might improve it—how you’ll make it more fun, faster, cooler, friendlier, easier, quieter, more musical, lighter, more romantic, more exciting, more inviting, more anything. Choose the opportunities that benefit other people and they will support your offer to take advantage of an opportunity.

5. Make yourself a magnet for jobs you do well

Be generous offering your help and counsel. When people help you, suggest your best skills as a way you might return the favors. Be on alert for the tiniest ways to match your best work with what the people around you might be doing. Talk about your favorite projects. Develop a habit of letting people know how much you love doing what you do well. People get impressed by folks who love their work and want to help.

6. Count and record the opportunities that suit you

Small ideas and opportunities have a way of getting bigger. Research shows that things we watch and measure get bigger and more plentiful. Develop a habit of attending to what suits you. People will notice that you record ideas and opportunities. They’ll start listening and looking to find more. Soon you’ll have a network of people who are offering you ideas they’ve collected for you.

7. Decide

When an opportunity is set before you, don’t hesitate. Take the opportunity and use it to grow the skills that got you that far. You know which opportunities fit your interests and skills and which don’t. Develop a habit of taking on new opportunities as a way of growing. Be clear that you’ll always be noticing and learning and people will feel secure in offering you opportunities that grow with you.

So if you want to be the lucky someone, you can make great opportunities happen. Develop the seven habits that will get you seeing opportunities and other people seeing you. Once you start, you might be surprised who starts pitching in to help you.

How to become Happy :)

Friday, July 29, 2011

Ever run into a person , who always seems so HAPPY?  Yea we have too.  People usually tell us , " you guys are always so happy, chipper, giggly, and always smiling .

Here are some tips on how to Be Happy! Enjoy :)

Have an Attitude of Gratitude

Take a few minutes out of your day to think about everything that has happened recently to make you smile. Yeah, it sounds a bit self-helpy, but according to Lyubomirsky, it works: "When you have to keep coming up with answers to the question 'What am I thankful for?' it forces you to see how the little things you might have overlooked or taken for granted play a role in your happiness."

Banish the Comparisons

Happy people take pleasure in the successes of other people rather than using those successes as a yardstick to measure their own lives. "You can't feel good about what you have if you're constantly calculating how you stack up to others," says Lyubomirsky. The irony is that in order to become less competitive (and a lot happier), you need to drop out of the race. That's not to say you should abandon your goals—it just means you need to start running at your own pace.

Find Meaning in Your Work

A study of a hospital's cleaning staff found that those who described their jobs as bettering the lives of others were more satisfied than those who considered their jobs less worthwhile. Experts also say that those of us who believe we're doing what we're destined to do feel more immediate and long-term happiness. Even if you're not jazzed about your current job, consider how your actions contribute to the common good. Or relish how it gives you the means to participate in pleasurable activities outside of work.

Hang with Happy People

A study done by the University of California at San Diego and Harvard Medical School revealed that "happiness can spread from person to person to person in a chain reaction, through social circles." On average, every happy friend you have increases your chance of being happy by 9 percent. Now if happiness is contagious, don't you want to put yourself in a position to catch it?

Gary Forbes of The Denver Nuggets , Honorary Spokesperson for American Diabetes Association's NYC Step Out Walk!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The American Diabetes Association is the only non-profit organization supporting all 25.8 million Americans living with diabetes. The Association funds research to prevent, cure and manage diabetes; delivers services to hundreds of communities; provides objective and credible information; and gives voice to those denied their rights because of diabetes. Founded in 1940, our mission is to prevent and cure diabetes and to improve the lives of all people affected by diabetes.

25.8 million children and adults in the United States—8.3% of the population—have diabetes.
18.8 million people diagnosed
7.0 million people undiagnosed
1.9 million new cases of diabetes are diagnosed in people aged 20 years and older in 2010.

Last year more than 130,000 walkers from around the country joined in the fight against diabetes knowing that together we can Stop Diabetes. Each step they took and every dollar they raised helped the American Diabetes Association provide community based education programs, protect the rights of people with diabetes and fund critical research for a cure.

Now it's your chance to become a part of Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes and start making your contribution to change the future of diabetes.

Gary Forbes, NBA Player is named 2011 Honorary Spokesperson for the American Diabetes Association’s New York City StepOut to Stop Diabetes

Statement from Gary Forbes

"I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in 2005 at the age of 20. I would like to tell the world that Diabetes is a manageable diesase. As you can see, I'm here every day. I practice every day. You can live with it, and if you work hard, you can accomplish anything that you put your mind to"

One of my favorite quotes is CARPE DIEM meaning " Seize the Day"

So Lets all Step up to the plate and Fight aganist Diabetes!!!

                          Maxine Figueroa 2011 Youth Ambassador

 New York City's  Step Out : Walk To Stop Diabetes , takes place on Sunday October 23. 2011 at South Street Seaport

Each of us has someone in our life living with Diabetes whether its a family member, friend, associate, coworker or neighbor . Its up to us to MAKE A DIFFERENCE!


To donate or to join Team Gary Forbes please click link :

or email

It's Not Too Late to Register for NBA Gary Forbes H.S. Basketball Camp July 22-23!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Attention Beautiful folks !!
Take your child basketball skills to the next level

One of Brooklyn's best camps starts this weekend. Campers will learn professional basketball skills from NBA player Gary Forbes.
Space is very limited.
Register now.
NBA Denver Nuggets Gary Forbes Presents
The Gary Forbes Basketball Camp
July 22nd - 23rd
High School Division
Cost : $50
Registration will be on the first day of the camp division @ 9:30 am
*A blank money order of $50 will be required to complete your registration*
Time - 9:30am - 4pm (Breakfast Served At 9:30 am)
Breakfast and Lunch will be Served
If you would like to rsvp a space ,please let us know in a reply , Space is Limited!!!!
Benjamin Banneker Academy
Quality Instruction by Professional NBA player, and Top Basketball Coaches
American Diabetes Association Presents Healthy Living Workshop
The HFM Group Presents Building Leadership Skills Workshop

Celebrate NYC Restaurant Week July 11th - 24th

Friday, July 8, 2011

Shall We Eat ? 
NYC Restaurant Week - Participating Restaurants

Love NYC Restaurant Week®
Make your NYC Restaurant Week reservation below!
July 11th – 24th, 2011
Lunch $24.07 | Dinner $35.00

*Saturdays excluded; Sundays optional. Beverages, taxes and gratuities are not included.

Restaurant Week will run from July 11th – 24th, 2011 with three-course meals priced at $24.07 for lunch, and $35 for dinner.

“We are excited to begin commemorating NYC Restaurant Week’s vibrant history and important milestone which will culminate with our dining program’s 20th anniversary in 2012,” NYC & Company CEO George Fertitta said in a statement announcing the dates. “This season we are looking to thank all of the people throughout the industry — from the chefs to the waitstaff — who have helped make NYC Restaurant Week a success over the years. We anticipate Summer 2011 to be the largest culinary celebration to date and encourage locals and visitors alike to start marking their calendars.”

For Participating restaurants and more details check out :
The Best 2 weeks are here again , Every Foodie would Agree :)
Happy dining !!

Paper Magazine Summer Concert (Swizz Beats & Joe Jonas)7/6

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

*Sound like Paper* Summer Concert

We were jamming  tonight at the Paper Mag summer concert located at the awesome House of Vans in Greenpoint ,Brooklyn! Performances by Joe Jonas and Swizz Beatz and surprise guest New york Knick's own Carmelo Anthony even came out to say hello. They also threw in a free three hour open bar and free ice Cream From Ben And Jerry . 
*Ben & Jerry new flavor American Dream is Delicious * 
It was a dope show ! Enjoy the pictures !
Swizz Beatz
Joe Jonas rocking out 

Performed every song with his name on it 

Tore it down 
Shoes off singing Reebok Back 

Carmelo Anthony chilling Backstage 

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