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Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Brand behind the "Viva La Brooklyn" Tee which mean "Long Live Brooklyn" , We present to you Another Dope Clothing Line Gifted Apparel !

Be Like Me

Gifted Apparel prides itself on representing the gifted side in all of us. 

Through our designs we offer art, style, and a urban flare that connects all of 

us to the same motto; "its time to be gifted!" We have brought something back to 

the t-shirt culture that has been missing for far too long, and our goal is to 

share it with everyone. 
Carmelo Anthony In the "Viva La Brooklyn" Tee
Taking a Closer look 
Gifted Apparel came to life on a stoop in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn and grew quickly in 
one of the hardest places in the world. Our "Viva La Brooklyn" design caught the 
eye an earned the loyalty of everyone that came in contact with it. Not just in 
Brooklyn, but everywhere, and became our signature piece shortly after. We all 
have a Brooklyn state of mind, and you have the right to show it proudly no 
matter where you're from.
Angela Yee in the "Anti Diva " Tee 

Our brand is for the world. Its for the rappers and the punk rockers, the 
skaters and the poets, scholars and the athletes. There's a common thread that 
can't be seen, but it links us all to one another. Gifted Apparel's mission is 
to bring that truth to light.

Its time to be inspired, be bold, be yourself, and be gifted.

Viva La Brooklyn Tee 
Be Like Me Tee

Fight The Power Tee

Thank God For Harlem Tee 
Victory Tee 

The Anti Diva Tee

Meet the Men Behind the Brand 

Kevin  , Russ , Larry 

Join the movement

For more Dopeness ,
Check out their Website

  On a daily basis, they ask that all people,
 “Be Gifted.”

“Gifted Apparel Nyc” available @
Bed-Stuy Fly located at 287 Ralph ave Bklyn.
CO-OP 239 Flatbush Ave Brooklyn, ny

Vinnies Styles 160 Flatbush Ave Brooklyn, NY
The Vault 2498 Frederick Douglass Blvd. Harlem, NY 10030

Shout out To  Larry & the Gifted team,  Keep doing y'all  thing ! 

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