Renewing every heart and body, Rehab Time with Trent Shelton

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Professional Football player Trent Shelton is a motivational speaker, CEO, athlete, strength coach , philanthropist, and most importantly a Man of GOD.  Trent Shelton main concern is to bring his followers closer to the kingdom of heaven and helping them reach their dreams.

We are loving his positive movement, and he speaks the truth!! 

In 2009 ,Trent Shelton founded an organization called Rehab Time Organization. 

Rehab Time is the bridge between the secular and the sacred. By erasing the dividing line that separates the two, we are able to bring people from all walks of life together for a common cause which is to uplift positivity, educate, and empower people in their everyday life.

Vision : Our vision is to provide a worldwide community that immediately promotes positive change by demonstrating that “change starts with you” from the inside out. We do this by focusing on fitness, integrity, altruism, responsibility, leadership, and spirituality and by creating an environment where one can come to refine his/her self.

We at Rehab Time know that through our change, we create the future, and we hold ourselves accountable for demonstrating the change in which we wish to see in our online and physical communities. 

Rehab Times Core Values:
• Fitness- I know change starts within, so my body is an outward manifestation of my internal progress.
• Integrity- I will never let the questioning of my character hinder me from reaching the pinnacles of my desires.
• Altruism- I will always let my inner joy come not from receiving, but through my ability to give help to others.
• Responsibility- I will never let any situation be used as an excuse for me to not uphold my responsibility to myself and to others.
• Leadership- I know if I head confidently in a positive direction, not only will others follow, but also in time, it will help others move the same way.
• Spiritually- Even through adversity, God will not only prosper me, but also use my adversities as blessings for others.

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Every Wednesday from 9:30-10pm CST, he  bring you a live conference call with leaders in industries dealing with problems and issues we all face.
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