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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Mali Music is a gifted artist. We love his music .This song show us do not doubt. God works in mysterious ways. God is so AMAZING !!!

Mali Music isn't the first gospel rapper to write a song that tackles the controversial subject of unanswered prayers and the test of faith that follows.
But the Savannah, Georgia rapper/singer is positioned to be the first gospel hip-hop artist to have the support necessary to take his unconventional message mainstream.
Mali Music's video for his song "The Job Experience" premiered Tuesday on BET's 106 & Park. The song tells the story of a father who questions God after his mother is diagnosed with cancer and his wife is shot during a home invasion.
After the tragedy strikes the father vents to God, "I thought you would protect us, but you can't even keep us from violence and diseases. I really wanted to believe in ya, but I really need a reason to trust you after this one."
Mali Music doesn't consider the song's message to be controversial. "I believe the song and all the ideas in it will actually lighten the load and be fully embraced by the gospel audience," he said in an email to Yahoo! Music. "It exposes and directly states the things we all at some point feel and think. That outlet is actually relieving, and I expect it to be appreciated by the gospel audience especially since it all resolves to God's glory anyway. The bible doesn't get flack for controversy because the conflict in it is relevant. The same goes for the story told in ‘The Job Experience.'"
We all have seen these situations in our own lives! We have all been there. We have all been in our very own “Job Experience” where we feel like we have been deserted by God. But what is important is how we deal with our “Job Experience”. How will we let our “Job Experience” effect us. I hope you all are blessed by this song because I know I was!

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