Motivational Poem of the Day - A Woman's Worth

Sunday, November 20, 2011

I saw this and fell in Love with it . 

So I just had to share it with you guys :) 

Never Forget your Worth!

A Woman's Worth

A woman's beauty is not only
In the glow of her skin
But the depth of her eyes
And the warmth of her heart

A woman's strength is not only
In the bow of her back
But the magnitude of her tears
And the softness of her words

A woman's wisdom is not only
In the value of her words
But the knowledge of when to hold them
And the journey she takes to learn them

A woman's courage is not only
In her determination to fight
But her willingness to walk away
And confidence to say no

A woman's grace is not only
In the way she dances through her day
But in the love notes she leaves
And the wonderful meals she prepares

A woman's love is not only
In the kisses she gives
But in the sacrifices she makes
And the moments given to you alone

A woman's worth is not only
In the things she does
But who she truly is
And who she helps you become

~ Mary Costanza -A Woman's Heart And Soul 

Love this !


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