Motivational Quote of Day: Excerpt from Trent Shelton's upcoming book Tattooed Truths

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Excerpt from Trent Shelton's upcoming book  "Tattooed Truths".......Post this on your mirror!!! 

Dear You,
You were never the type of person to grab the towel and throw it in! You were never the type of person to just go through the motions! As long as I have known you, I've NEVER seen failure get the best of you!
So when did opportunity become a burden? When did complaining become helpful? Look at me, don’t put your head down! I’m not feeling sorry for you any longer. I remember when opportunity meant the world to you and now you're scared to try because of people’s opinions! You use to work on your dreams until you could work no more. I would have to force you to take a break.

Man, I remember the days when I could look into your eyes and see THE DETERMINATION, THE FIGHT, AND THE PASSION that you had towards your dreams. Now I see NOTHING. You turned your back on me. YOU EMBARRASSED ME! I'm not a quitter but because of you I'm now labeled this also! They now have the right to question our dedication, our commitment , and even our integrity! It hurts me but what hurts even more is that I KNOW THAT'S NOT YOU!

I've never seen you to slow down before the finish line, I've never seen you quit because of pain, and I NEVER seen you give less than your all. That is NOT who you are. Yea, I might be overreacting but I'm hard on you because I care. People depend on you INCLUDING me, so I will NOT let you let us down. I know it's only a day you took off, but a day off doesn't exist to a champion. Especially if that day was a scheduled day to get better. Just don't let it happen again. I'm not going to let you slip!

P.S. Your opponent has gained an edge on you!
The Mirror

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