Motivational Quote of the Day : Positive affirmations for women

Saturday, November 19, 2011

In a world where negative thoughts are formed everyday. We must remained POSITIVE. 

Here are some our favorite Affirmations :

My life is full and complete

I experience the blessing of each day and appreciate every breath I am given.

I am a divine, wonderful expression of life, and I am living fully from this moment on.

When necessary, I shield myself from negative people, circumstances, and energy.

My income continuously expands. I prosper wherever I turn

My time is valuable.

I am passionate in helping others, because I know in order to receive, I must first be willing to give.

I command respect from others, knowing that I am worthy of respect.

I welcome abundance and prosperity in my life, and am a good steward over the things I already have.

I am radiantly healthy

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