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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Not Your Average Dating Ideas 

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Are you tired of the same old dinner and a movie? Does every date seem like just another Saturday night? Maybe it's time to get creative, spice things up, and think outside the bar. Here are a few outrageous and unforgettable dating ideas to make sure your next night on the town is not your average date.

Hot air balloon
Up, Up and Away
Elevate your romance, and leave your earthbound cares behind, by taking your date for a ride in a hot air balloon. You can arrange a hot air balloon ride at almost any time of day -- from sunrise to sunset. Some balloon rides include a gourmet picnic or a champagne brunch; all offer breathtaking views and an above-the-treetops change of perspective that no other experience can equal. 

Tandem skydivers
For an exciting date that neither of you will ever forget, try  skydiving or bungee jumping. Any shared experience that challenges both your courage and your common sense is sure to bring you closer as a couple. 

Couple in city
Good Hunting
Searching for an interesting date idea? Join a scavenger hunt hosted by a charity or community group -- or organize one of your own. Invite friends to help you and your date locate the treasures on your list of hard-to-find items, or make it strictly a duet. Either way, let the scavenging begin. 

Couple dancing
Dance, Dance, Dance
What date could be more classic than a night of dancing? Take a drop-in lesson or dress to the nines and go to your nearest club. Who cares if you're a little rusty or don't know the moves? Once you're waltzing cheek-to-cheek or swinging to a salsa beat with your heart's desire, you'll feel like you're floating on air.

Man swimming with shark

Adrenaline Rush
Nothing says romance like shark-infested waters. Swimming with sharks is a popular travel adventure these days. And with hundreds of shark species roaming the world's oceans, there are many places -- from Mexico to South Africa to Australia's Great Barrier Reef -- where you can go nose-to-nose with these fascinating seagoing predators.

Woman on horse

Giddy Up
Saddle up for adventure when you take your date horseback riding. Whether you go for a ride at a local stable or spend the weekend at a guest ranch, sitting astride a horse is a great way to spur romantic feelings and add a little flair to your date. After all, who doesn't look terrific in a cowboy hat?

White water rafting

Shoot the Rapids
A really good date should leave you breathless, your heart pounding, and that's pretty much guaranteed when you make a date to go white water rafting. Find a reputable river guide and choose your river -- from Class II to Class V -- based on your experience and your tolerance for terror. Then grab a paddle, strap on a life vest, and take the plunge

A couple jumping into the water [16ks0008rf]

Go Crazy
At the end of "Wedding Crashers," the 2005 comedy starring Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn as best friends and business partners who crash weddings to meet women, the two guys and their new true loves head off on a date - to crash a wedding. Follow their lead and do something crazy, like crashing a wedding, sneaking into the movies, or prowling the zoo after dark. Stop short of serious law breaking to avoid arrest, but have your escape route planned just in case. 

Couple diving

Dive In
Sometimes there's just no need to talk -- like when you're under water. Make a date to go snorkeling where you can watch brightly colored tropical fish drift and dart around a coral reef. Or if you feel a deeper call, try scuba diving. You'll need to take a class and earn your scuba certification, but romantic rewards are well worth the trouble.

Couple looking at a map
On the Road
Road trips are an American tradition, a rite of passage, and a great idea for an extended date. Choose a destination that takes you across the border into a different state or country, then hit the road, let serendipity be your compass, and just see what happens along the way. The best discoveries may be what you learn about each other. 

Couple camping
Back to Nature
Go camping -- but don't go far. Pitch a tent in your back yard, build a campfire in a portable fire pit, and open a bottle of wine. Share intimate conversation over a gourmet dinner as the moon begins to rise, then cuddle up and look for shooting stars among the constellations. If the date goes really well, you can even make s'mores.

Written by Larry West 

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