Valentine's Day: Dope Last Minute Date Ideas Under $100

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

No matter what kind of woman he's taking out nor how serious the couple, she's guaranteed to love these $100-and-under excursions — most of which will end very happily, and all of which have a gift to go with them. 

A Hot Reservation
Couple at dinner
Why she'll like it: Cooking for her may or may not be too intimate (more on that shortly), but "going for drinks" again may lead to absolutely nothing. Middle ground: Hit for a reservation at a great new restaurant — late seatings should still be available, so you'll have time to loosen up with that drink beforehand.
Don't spend more than: $100; think off-the-beaten path bistro, not the fanciest joint in town.
Goes great with: Flowers; think peonies, tulips, or gerbera daisies ($15), not roses.

An Evening at Her Service
Man serving woman dinner
Why she'll like it: Take her literally and don't have her do anything: You make her dinner, you set the table, you fix her a drink, you do the dishes, you massage her feet, you rinse, you repeat.
Goes great with: A call bell ($5). "Accidentally" throw this in your recycling bin the morning after. 

An Hour of Ice Skating
Couple ice skating

Why she'll like it: Hand-holding, hot chocolate, sweaters — it's you that might have the tough time here. But creative (and less kid-crazy) new rinks are, um, getting laid all around the country. Try to find one with hockey skates so you don't look like a runner-up for ice dancing in Vancouver. 
Don't spend more than: $30 on rentals and rink admission.
Goes great with: A Snuggie ($15) stands in for a cuddle as soon as you're out drinking something other than cocoa with the fellas.

A Spa Day
Couple getting a massage
Why she'll like it: It's no ring, but it's indulgent enough for her to brag about to her friends (even with one of the great deals out there). Plus, you avoid the bait-and-switch of a romantic weekend with no payoff — for either of you.
Don't spend more than: $100. Try a facial-and-pedicure combo package. Avoid the latter for yourself.
Goes great with: Romantic dinner at home

An Intimate Video-Game Session
Couple playing video game
Why she'll like it: Because she ain't gonna be up for much else, and "Look Who's Talking Too" on the couch ain't gonna cut it. Turns out women actually like this sort of thing, so pop in a racing game or one of the throwback Mario titles into your Wii — then settle on a slightly less cheesy movie from Netflix's new streaming service on the console.
Don't spend more than: $29 on that Netflix subscription.
Goes great with: The frighteningly hilarious new Baby and Me
game from Australia ($65 on eBay).

A Fancy Lunch Date
Couple having drinks

Why she'll like it: She'd rather do dinner, of course. But deep down, every goumad — even Tiger's — knows Valentine's Night belongs to the woman you actually love. So she'll appreciate an offer from something other than your belt area.

A Round or Two (Max) of Karaoke
Couple singing karaoke
Why she'll like it: Karaoke is so ridiculous as to be disarming, especially when Journey is involved. And crooning a song she remembers you by — not your song, a song — is just disarming enough for her to forget the breakup.
Don't spend more than: $40 on drinks. For yourself. For pitch.
Goes great with: Nothing.

A (Window) Shopping Spree
Couple shopping
Why she'll like it:Because it's shopping. Take her to your local Saks and wait, patiently, as she reenacts "Pretty Woman" with a not-quite-on-sale-enough gown or two. Compliment excessively. Do not buy. Yet.

Don't spend more than: $62 for Ralph Lauren's Romance fragrance on the way out.
Goes great with: Subscriptions to ($5-$10 a month for her to rent $5,000 bags) and Steal the Time ($27-$150 a week to lease $20,000 watches).

A Supper-Club Outing
Couple clinking glasses
Why she'll like it: Supper clubs are like speakeasies for eating — underground and enthusiast-friendly, except they take place at the homes of local chefs, too. They even have web sites, especially in cities like San Francisco, Washington, and New York.
Don't spend more than: $100 for dinner, although many are by donation.
Goes great with: Thomas Keller's fantastic new cookbook, Ad Hoc at Home ($30).

A Cooking Class
People cooking
Why she'll like it: Bonding, knives, and wine — good things all, but in that order. A good maître d' at your local restaurant can recommend a decent one-off lesson for a decent tip, which you'll recoup by dining at home the next few weekends.
Don't spend more than: $85.
Goes great with:A retro ruffled apron from Anthropologie ($32), which you might convince her to wear all by itself.

A 5K Race
Couple jogging
Why she'll like it: Even if she has to drag your limp body across the finish line, it's the tag-along-to-the-gym afternoon you've never taken her up on before. A Web search for "Valentine 5K" or "Love the Run You're With" should turn up one of many couples' runs in your nearby city. Because they're awkward, but nice.
Don't spend more than: $45 to register, which goes straight to charity — probably for Haiti.
Goes great with: A tube of Bengay ($6) and a hamstring massage.

We also would to suggest Salsa Dance Classes and Rock Climbing . 

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