New Music From Gospel Artist Tim Pounds

Friday, March 2, 2012

                       Gospel Rapper Tim Pounds drop new album called " Focus on Eternity" 

Tim Pounds is a gospel rapper originally from NYC but now resides in Goldsboro NC.  Tim Pounds is not your average rapper, he is different. His main focus is bringing souls to Christ through his music.  Tim Pounds describes the album as being "authentic and creative." The album has something for everyone, sixteen tracks of heartfelt lyrics and "banging" production from the likes of Charles Green, Free Light Productions and Tim Pounds himself. It's more than just good music.

Customer reviews on album

TP in the building! 
A great combination of powerful beats and even stronger lyrics. You can definitely feel his words. A strong brother in Christ who is putting positive music for the world to hear. Keep doing your thing and keep giving God the Glory fam!! If you don't already have the album you need to get it.

--ROC Double  Christ Centered 
by Howard Morgan 
In a day when "Christians" are making more and more music that is less Christ centered and not focusing on turning from sin...I find this album to be very refreshing. My hope is that others take Tim Pound's lead and focus on CHRIST without compromise in their music they make, listen to and LIVE out! God Bless.

 Let's go! 
by Metric77 
The Album is "Amp" - Many times you hear so many artist striving to enter into gospel lyrics being only head strong. Meaning the ability to tie words together in efforts to create a sound. But, Tim Pounds has what many lack "Heart, Purpose, Love" to see others impacted with truth. 

The album is DOPE! We love it and you will love it as well
To download album : Please go to

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