Rehab Time Organization releases New Book " Breaking Your Own Heart"

Friday, March 2, 2012

In life we will come across disappointments, broken promises, broken hearts,betrayal, obstacles, life tragedies  etc. Never give up ! There is hope , You can rebuild yourself to move forward into positive change . Check out This new book " Breaking Your Own Heart"  By Motivational speaker Trent Shelton and Baylor Bee of Rehab Time Organization.

How many times have you cried tears into your pillowcase with a broken heart shouting, “WHY DID I LET THIS HAPPEN AGAIN?!” We’ve all been there, shed those tears and felt that heartache.

You’re tired of having your heart broken, aren’t you? You’re tired of the nonsense, right? The hardest concept to grasp in dealing with broken hearts is this simple fact:

You break your own heart.

Only you know your heart. Let this eManual guide you toward understanding how you break your own heart and more importantly, how to avoid breaking it.

Breaking Your Own Heart is the newest eBook penned by motivational speaker and founder of Rehab Time Organization, Trent Shelton, in collaboration with Baylor Barbee. Breaking Your Own Heart is a fusion of life experiences, Christian principles and basic common sense when it comes to taking care of yourself mentally and emotionally. Shelton and Barbee came up with the title for the book after hearing several of the same stories about friends and loved ones experiencing painful emotional situations. “A lot of people blame others for situations they’re in. A lot of people blame God too for those situations. There comes a point in time, 
especially in relationships, that it moves from someone else breaking your heart to you breaking your own heart for staying in that situation,” says Shelton.

Readers can expect to receive helpful advice in the form of short chapters that they can reference whenever they are dealing with a particular situation. “There are a lot of people who need help now and the book is designed where they can read the book in an hour or two to get quick answers to some of their problems.” Breaking Your Own Heart is also the first of several eManuals geared toward positive change in individuals from the inside out in a variety of situations. “A lot of people think this is about relationships, but its not,” says Shelton. “Your heart could be in your job or some other thing that is causing you heartache.”

Self-published through Rehab Time, Breaking Your Own Heart is available for purchase today on the Amazon Kindle Store or for $4.99. “We want to help people, so we try to keep costs low. Everyone doesn’t have a lot of extra money. Hopefully we can help someone out there,” Shelton says. For more information about Trent Shelton or the new eBook, Breaking Your Own Heart, visit or follow Trent on Twitter @TrentShelton.

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