Entertainment : A Streetcar Named Desire On Broadway Starring Blair Underwood & Nicole Ari Parker

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Two-time Golden Globe Award nominee Blair Underwood and Nicole Ari Parker have a volatile date with destiny in the multi-ethnic Broadway revival of Tennessee Williams' A Streetcar Named Desire, which officially opens April 22 at the Broadhurst Theatre.
Emily Mann (Anna in the Tropics, Miss Witherspoon) directs the New Orleans-set drama that began previews April 3. The revival is produced by Stephen C. Byrd and Alia M. Jones of Front Row Productions, who were also behind the all-African-American revival of Cat On a Hot Tin Roof on Broadway in 2008.

What Is the Story of A Streetcar Named Desire?
Blanche DuBois, a former schoolteacher and fading Southern belle, arrives in the French Quarter of New Orleans to stay with her pregnant sister Stella and Stella’s husband Stanley. Blanche is disdainful of the couple’s cramped quarters, though it is quickly revealed that the DuBois family home, Belle Reve, has been lost and she has nowhere else to go. Blanche's genteel sensibility and judgmental nature brings out the worst in the hot- tempered, working class Stanley. Blanche, ever hopeful, sparks a romance with Stanley's friend Mitch, until Stanley goes digging through her seamy past to destroy her hopes of a fresh start in New Orleans. When Stella goes into labor and leaves for the hospital, Stanley and Blanche are left alone in the apartment, and things come to a violent head.


What Is A Streetcar Named Desire Like? 
New Orleans jazz legend Terence Blanchard composed the score for this production of Tennessee Williams' classic drama, and the languid inter-scene music captures the charged inertia of the story. The single set also lends to the sense of claustrophobia. Stanley and Stella's glorified one-room apartment is set cheek-by-jowl with those of their neighbors, and on hot nights everyone spills out into the miasma of humanity that is the French Quarter. Though the language is poetic and the story is a ultimately a tragedy, this production successfully mines the comedy of Streetcar's culture clash, which keeps this landmark play from bogging down in self-reverence.

Is A Streetcar Named Desire Good for Kids?
Given the darker elements of this story, mainly concerning Stanley's abusive treatment of Blanche, this one isn't for younger kids. But considering that this American classic is required reading for many schools, middle-schoolers and older could certainly handle the poetic language and emotional content. Just be prepared to answer their questions after the show.

Visit or phone (212) 239-6200. The Broadhurst Theatre is located at 235 West 44th Street.

Cant Wait To See This !! :)

Relationship: What's Your Ideal Relationship?

Written by: Kellicooper

Depending on your family, religion, society at large and other factors, you have probably had a lot of ideas hammered into your head regarding what is ‘’right’’ and ‘’appropriate’’, what constitutes success, what makes an ideal partner, what type of life you should live, and what is supposed to make you happy. These forces are very strong and can lead many astray from the person they really want to be or the life they really want to live. Something does not quite feel right to them but they cave to these arbitrary declarations. They think they are in the wrong and everyone else must be right. This can lead to a lot of unnecessary frustration and suffering.

One of the keys to finding and maintaining a successful relationship is really figuring out what YOUR ideal relationship is, who YOUR ideal partner is. Some people reading this may think this is an obvious piece of advice and, in many ways, it is. But from what I have observed in life, many people claim to know these simple truths of living a better life, but they are far from actually implementing them. We are influenced by things outside of us far more than we realize most of the time.

Many people feel pressure to seek out certain partners to fulfill some sort of image or to have people view them in a certain way. The business man seeks out the trophy wife who looks good on his arm and can produce the requisite two children. The woman who seeks out a ‘’successful’’ man, which usually means he makes a lot of money and works in some sort of office. We are often putting our focus on the wrong things and then we end up with people who are not our best match.

The dynamic between two people in a relationship is unique to the two people in the partnership. Your best bet for relationship success is taking the time to define what your ideal partnership would be like, based on nothing more than who you are and what you want in life. Do not worry what other people are doing or what is considered ‘’normal.’’ I agree that there are some fairly objective markers of a healthy, successful relationship, but for the most part, what makes a good pairing is based on very individual factors. What works for one couple could very well tear another apart. I think our society’s ideas of what constitutes a ‘’good’’ relationship are far too narrow and it leads many people to settle into situations that go against what they truly want because they feel like there is something ‘’wrong’’ with how they feel or that what they want is not ‘’normal’’ or ‘’right.’’

Some may think that simply deciding what they want is not enough to actually get it. You may think you will never find a person out there who meets your requirements, who would want to live the same way as you. Well, guess what? This clarity is the only thing you need because getting clear on what you want sends out a very powerful message to a very powerful force that helps deliver the things you want in life in ways you cannot even begin to anticipate. Many reject this type of thinking, but based on my own life experience, no one will ever, ever, ever be able to convince me that expectations, intentions, thoughts and feelings have no bearing on our outside reality. If you have not been operating in this manner, I highly suggest you change that quickly!

When it comes to romantic relationships, advice, expectations and expert opinions abound on all sorts of topics related to this major aspect of the human experience. People are all too happy to tell you what they think is right, how they think things are supposed to be in matters of the love department. They are very attached to these opinions and their filter is very strong and they often cannot see another way. When you go against the grain in any way, people take notice. They will criticize, make untrue assumptions and put in their unsolicited two cents. Anyone who feels the need to gossip or give you flack likely have issues with themselves and their own relationship. Remember, people happy with their lives, choices, beliefs, etc… care very little for how other people are conducting their affairs.

If the things you want in life buck convention, in relationships or any other area of your life, it can be challenging to live true to yourself. We have been programmed with a lot of crappy stuff that is nothing more than the results of someone else’s thinking or opinion. Do what makes you happy and works for you. Find someone that actually makes you happy, not someone you think should make you happy. Conduct your relationship in the way that works for you, not the way people have told you it ''should'' work.

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Video Of the Day : Good & Bad - J Moss

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Gospel singer-songwriter J. Moss dropped his new single, “Good & Bad” from his upcoming, fifth studio album, V4…The Other Side of Victory. For those of you unfamiliar with this Detroit-native, he is the cousin of The Clark Sisters and a member of the production trio PAJAM, who have worked with over 50 gospel, soul & R&B artists like Michelle Williams, R. Kelly, Kierra Sheard, Dru Hill, Patti LaBelle & Boyz II Men.

"You didn't erase my future because of my past  
I'm glad You loved me through my good & bad  

You keep on loving me ... "

Take A Listen , We love this song !! 

Enjoy :) 

Healthy Living : 5 Factor Diet

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Oh, summer. We love your sunshine and hot weather ... but we hate your dress code.

Bikinis, bathing suits and short shorts were cute on us in our pre-cellulite years (like, fifth grade). But now that we're older, and decidedly more dimpled, we want to run away from fluorescent-lit dressing rooms as quickly as we'd run toward a shirtless Ryan Gosling.

Not this year. Lucky for us, we've got a secret weapon in the battle of the bulge.

Celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak, author of the "5-Factor Diet" and fitness guru to Lady Gaga, Jennifer Hudson and Robert Pattinson, shares his five tips for dropping five pounds by summer -- so you can enjoy bathing suit shopping more than ever.

1. Be Physically Active All Day
"From the moment you wake up to the time you go to bed, you should be moving," says Pasternak. That means walking up the stairs instead of riding in the elevator, walking instead of driving when feasible, gardening, cleaning -- anything that doesn't involve your butt being glued to a chair. "At the end of the day, all those calories that you burned periodically really add up," he says.

2. Eat Five Times a Day
"When you graze instead of gorge, you have more control over how much you eat and are less likely to make bad choices," he says. Each meal or snack should include a low-fat protein, a whole grain, fiber, a healthy fat (like olive oil or canola oil) and a sugar-free or low-sugar beverage.

3. Drink Three Liters of Water Each Day
"When you drink enough water, you increase the rate at which you burn calories," says Pasternak. And when you're dehydrated, you can often mistake thirst for hunger, meaning you'll eat more than you would have if you'd stayed hydrated all day.

4. Do Five Workouts Each Week 
Combine resistance training with cardio and work up a sweat for at least 25 minutes in each workout. "Make sure your program changes from day to day, in order to make sure your body changes," Pasternak says.

5. Give Yourself a Free Day Each Week
"Indulge in eating a treat such as dark chocolate and sleep in late," says Pasternak. "It will motivate you to keep up a healthy lifestyle during the other six days."

A wonderful Tribute video for Travyon Martin

We came across this great tribute video for Travyon Martin. It has a strong message. We are continuously praying for the family of Travyon Martin. We are praying that Justice will be served! We are all Travyon Martin.

How To Live A Happy Life

 Written By Whitney Hopler

Society often pressures people to try to “have it all” in order to live happy lives. But it’s not possible to have it all in this fallen world, and chasing that dream will only disappoint and frustrate you, making happiness elusive.
Nevertheless, it is possible to live a happy life. You can do that by focusing on a better goal than having it all: having what matters most.
Here’s how you can live a happy life by focusing on some simple things that have eternal value:

Be on time for everything. Showing up on time lets others know that you care about them and that they can really trust you to be responsible and fully engaged in relationships with them. Enjoying those kinds of healthy relationships will make you happy.

Take Jesus with you everywhere. When you remind yourself to focus on the reality of God’s presence with you in every situation, you can experience peace that will make you happy.

Let people know you care, but carefully. Don’t neglect caring for the people you sense God calling you to help, but be sure to take care of your own needs in the process. You can derive happiness both from seeing how your efforts help people in need, and from making sure that your own needs are met.

Learn to organize your stuff. It’s worthwhile to make the effort to get and stay organized, because an orderly life will eliminate unnecessary stress, helping you relax and feel happy.

Keep your word every time. When you live with complete integrity by always saying what you mean doing what you say, you’ll naturally enjoy happy relationships with other people.

Read your Bible every day. When you give yourself a daily dose of the words of life that the Bible contains, you can experience all the blessings – including happiness – that come from absorbing those words into your soul.

Accept events as they happen. Don’t let life’s unexpected events steal your happiness. Instead, accept them as they happen, trusting God to do what’s best through them and serving God no matter what. When you do, you’ll experience the happiness of seeing God fulfill good purposes from any event.

Stay proactive about your health. Your body is God’s creation and a temple of the Holy Spirit; you have a sacred responsibility to take good care of it. If you do whatever you can to be physically healthy, you’ll be able to enjoy life to the fullest.
Focus on what’s important now. You can feel happiest when you’re fully engaged in what God wants you to focus on during each particular moment in time. Live consciously – alert to God’s presence with you and guidance for you – so you won’t miss fully experiencing each moment that God gives you.

Allow yourself to be sad. In your quest to be happy, don’t make the mistake of thinking that you must always feel happy. It’s healthy to feel sorrow at appropriate times, because God can use sorrow to draw you closer to Him and creatively inspire you.

Acknowledge your need for help. Receiving help (from prayer support to practical support like assistance with meals or rides) when you need it (such as during a crisis) from others who care about you will make you much happier than having important needs unmet because you’ve neglected to ask for help when you truly need it.

Remember to notice things today. God is constantly placing blessings in your life that can make you happy – but only when you pay attention and notice them.

Disregard what isn’t your business. Drama happens all around us in this fallen world. You’ll be happiest when you don’t get caught up unnecessarily in what’s happening in other people’s lives (unless God has clearly called you to get involved) and focus on dealing with your own issues.

Think before you say it. Avoiding the regret that comes from speaking carelessly will make you happy. Keep in mind that words contain great power to bring about either good or evil. So carefully consider your words before you talk.

List your thoughts and dreams. Since happiness often comes from pursuing God’s dreams for you, reflect on your thoughts and dreams and list them so you can pray about each one specifically. Then see what God does to shape your dreams to align with His will and make them come true.

Acquire a brand-new skill. You can derive great happiness from learning how to do something you’re interested in, and every new day that God gives you is a fresh opportunity to learn, so take advantage of it.

Get doctrine under your belt. Get to know biblical truths well and apply them regularly to your life; when you do, you can be happy because you’ll be approaching life from the right perspective.

Cook something special for yourself. Enjoying what you eat every day can bring you lots of happiness as it reminds you of God’s creativity and provision for you. Don’t hesitate to cook delicious, healthy meals – even if you’re only cooking for yourself – because the effort is worthwhile.

Listen with your whole heart. When you listen carefully to other people, you can come to understand each other well and enjoy happy times together.

Forgive others over and over. Happiness often comes from enjoying healthy relationships, and you can do that when you obey God’s command to forgive people who have hurt you and apologize to the people you have hurt. Always be willing to forgive, with God’s help.

Give your time, energy, and money. Regularly give your resources to the people in need whom God calls you to help. As you give practical helps to others, God will give happiness to you.

Live an attitude of gratitude. Train yourself to notice the many blessings that God is constantly pouring into your life. Then make a habit of thanking God for the blessings He has given you. Each time you do, you’ll grow happier.

Healthy Living : Stay Awake, Caffeine-Free!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Can’t get your morning going without a cup of Joe or an energy drink? During the lunchtime slump do you have to down a 5-hour energy shot? Well, we’ve all been guilty of it at one time or another–suffering from the caffeine crash later.
Believe it or not, some people avoid caffeine. Most make this choice for health reasons because it dehydrates the body and is functions as an addictive drug. Staying awake is challenging, and, for those avoiding drugs and not using caffeine anymore, new strategies must be implemented.
So next time you’re feeling a bit low on energy, give one of our top 6 tips a try and energy-up without the negative side-effects of a substance-driven boost.
1. Fasting at Meals
The human body expends a great deal of energy during the digestion process. This can create a great deal of fatigue when you are trying to stay awake. Fasting is a great way to avoid this natural fatigue. As long as you are drinking enough water, fasting for a meal or two is also a healthy way to detoxify your cells and rejuvenate organs.
2. Nutritious Low Carb Snacks
Low carb fruits such as raspberries, apples, oranges, and grapefruits are great boosters. They take about fifteen minutes to digest, which leaves you energized and not groggy. Heaping scoops of spicy salsa on a few small crackers is another goodie. Stay away from meats, breads and dairy products.
3. Stretch Out Your Meals
Split your meals into smaller but more frequent portions, says Young. Eating only hefty lunch and dinner portions results in huge spikes in your blood-sugar levels, followed by large crashes in energy.
4. Light Exercise Breaks
Take a break and take a walk or do a couple jumping jacks to get your blood moving. Even the slightest bit of exercise can act as a healthy way to energize your mind and body.
5. Listen To High-Energy Music
Not only does great music give you that near-magical second wind or extra kick when you are exercising, it also boosts your mood and energy during regular tasks. In fact, some research even revealed workers who listened to great classical music experienced increased productivity and creativity.
6. Try To Keep A Regular Sleep Schedule
It goes without saying, but hey, it helps. You can also take a 10 to 15-minute power nap if you get drowsy. Naps work wonders. Really.


To Achieve Success You Must Risk Some Failure

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What we could see as punishment may actually be a necessary step toward success.

Within a few seconds after birth, a baby giraffe struggles to its feet. Shortly afterward, however, the mother will knock it over from that first wobbly stance. This process is repeated each time the baby struggles to its feet until the young giraffe has the strength to stand in a firm and unwavering position. What seems like an unkind and cruel act is in fact of vital importance to the survival of the young animal. It is, in fact, an act of love by the mother for its child. For the baby giraffe, the world is a dangerous place and it must quickly learn how to respond to unexpected challenges and get back up on its feet. Now I don’t imagine that the baby giraffe welcomes being knocked around or particularly thanks Mom for the experience. I doubt that the little guy understands that there is an important lesson being learned.

Is there perhaps a life principle here that we try to avoid as well? What does “failure” teach us? Should we avoid it at all costs? Does failure chip away at our fragile egos and lessen our chances of ultimate success? Is it Satan who causes our failures and God who wants us to always win?

Research shows us that entrepreneurs fail an average of 3.8 times before they finally make it in a business venture. They recognize that three steps forward and two steps backward still have a net result of one step of progress. If you can decide to see your own “failures” as a necessary part of your progress, you will separate yourself from the average person and put yourself into the category of potential high achiever.

“Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” - Thomas Edison

Most people try to avoid failure like a bad disease. They cringe at the prospect and may stay in a safe but unchallenging position, an unfulfilling job, a familiar but boring career, at the bottom of the hill as others master the peak.

“Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently.” Henry Ford

Embrace failure as a legitimate step in the right direction. See it as a stepping stone toward the success you want.

From the Bible

“If thou faint in the day of adversity, thy strength is small.” Proverbs 24:10 (KJV)

Describe a time when you felt you were being “knocked down” only to realize later that the experience saved you or made you wiser.

By Dan Miller

Dan Miller is today's leading authority and personality on careers and 'Work You Love'. As bestselling author of 48 Days To The Work You Love, No More Dreaded Mondays, and many others, Dan reaches thousands of people every month in his newsletter, podcast, and blog with the best trends and opportunities in the workplace and small business. For more information, visit

This Saturday April 14 , Celebrating a NEW Beginning

Monday, April 9, 2012

As many of you may know, We love the Lord , we love our church and we are avid church goers. We would like for you all to join us on Saturday April 14   for a very SPECIAL service. It is our church dedication service, In the heart of Brooklyn . Everyone is invited!

You don't want to miss this amazing service. Lives be will change and spirits will be lifted . Everything NEW. 

Celebrating a NEW Beginning at Faith Pentecostal Tabernacle Mission , Inc. 
Church Dedication Service

 Overseer Eunice M & Elder Oliver Dowling 

Bishop Michael A Blue of The Door of Hope Christian Church

Service starts 10 am

Please arrive early for a good seat.

94 Lexington bet Franklin & Classon Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11238

Event : First Look New York International Auto Show April 5th , 2012 (Pictures)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Tonight,  We attended the Sneak preview of the New York International Auto Show, where we saw all of the new 2012 /2013 Cars, plus there was a  live performances by DJ and violin duo Mia Moretti and Caitlin Moe and hors d'oeuvres. There was also a silent auction that will benefit the Cancer Support Community.

When the 113th-annual New York International Auto Show opens to the public on April 6-15, virtually every car on the market today and more than a dozen never-before-seen autos will be on display. That means hundreds of cars open to poke around in, plus dozens more that are eyes-only.

Now Check out the Pictures ........

Leave a comment and Tell us which one you like the best :) 

Photo Credit : The Hfm Group 

Oprah writes Letter to her younger self

In the May edition of O Magazine , Oprah Winfrey writes an open letter to herself about what she will  tell her 25 year old  self she writes :

Dear beautiful brown-skinned girl,
I look into your eyes and see the light and hope of myself.
In this photo you are just about to turn 20, posing outside the television station where you were recently hired as a reporter. You’re proud of yourself for getting the job, but uncertain you’ll be able to manage all your college classes before 1 and arrive at the station by 1:30 for a full day’s work. Even so, your biggest concern is how to manage your love life with Bubba. Yes, you are dating someone named Bubba.
On this day you’ve brought him to the station to see where you work, hoping he’ll be proud, too. He seems less than impressed. The truth is, he’s intimidated. You don’t know this, though, because you can see yourself only through his eyes. A lesson you will have to learn again and again: to see yourself with your own eyes, to love yourself from your own heart.
You’ve spent too many days and years trying to please others and be what they wanted you to be. You will have to learn that the wounds of your past—rape, molestation, whippings for “stepping out of place,” and not being allowed to show anger or cry afterward—damaged your self-esteem. Yet through it all, you’ve held on to a belief in God and God’s belief in you.
That will be your single greatest gift: knowing there is a power greater than yourself and trusting that Force to guide you.
The trajectory of your life changed the day you answered the call from Chris Clark, the news director at WLAC-TV. Your response was ignited by the words of your then-favorite Bible verse, Philippians 3:14. “I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.”
Knowing there is a “high calling” is what will sustain and fulfill you.
From where I sit now, viewing your journey, there are few regrets. Only months before this picture was taken, you wrote a poem about a “woman becoming.” Even then you understood that success was a process and that moving with the flow of life and not against it would be your greatest achievement.
Love you deeply,
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