Dinner With The Obamas

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Dinner with The Obamas 

In this latest installment of "Dinner with Barack" the three winners got to bring a special guest with them. Cathy and Judy brought their loving husbands and Regina proudly brought her dad.

The President brought a very special guest too: the First Lady.

Over dinner the four couples shared stories about taking care of their families, health care, and the grassroots.

Barack Obama: good first dater, bad... hairstylist?
We're always tickled to hear the first couple dish about the early stages of their romance. The Obamas, who've been married for over 19 years now, sat for a meal with the winners of the 2012 President's Dinner Contest earlier this month and opened up about their personal and family lives. (And we couldn't help but note: Michelle repeated one of her favorite black-and-white Tracy Reese dresses.)
In a video just released by the president's campaign, President Obama reveals that he had a secret motive in mind when planning his first date with Michelle, who was then his supervisor at a Chicago law firm:
"I took her to the Art Museum at the Art Institute, I was trying to impress her, to show her I was a real culturally sensitive guy. And it worked!"
"It worked!" the first lady chimes in.
"Just trying to give a tip for the young men out there," the president says, smiling at the camera.
It did work. Back in 2009, Michelle Obama discussed her first impression of Barack in a 2009 interview with CNN ("This guy's gotta be kinda weird") and that he was "cuter than I thought he'd be." After the art museum, Barack took Michelle to a showing of Spike Lee's "Do The Right Thing." She was smitten: "Probably, by the end of that date, it was over. I was sold."

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