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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Secrets to Finding the Best Restaurants on Vacation
Food, fun and vacation(NEXT STOP, bARBADOS) :)

Ready to hit the road this Summer to see some new sights? Well,  you can’t very well go about doing
 that on an empty stomach! Food can be what makes the entire trip, but the trick is finding
 the right places to eat in a city that you have never been to before.
 We got some tips from Janice Wald Henderson, renowned food and travel journalist,
 to steal her secrets for finding the best places to eat while on the road.

Local knowledge

Nobody knows better than the locals. They know the best, the worst, the overrated, and the
 unknown. Don’t be shy! Locals love to share their knowledge because they are proud of their city, 
so ask them! Henderson gets the bulk of her information from taxi drivers, doormen at hotels,
 and just people she finds around the city. Her biggest tip is to look for crossovers. 
If a friend recommends a place, and then the taxi driver says it’s his personal favorite,
 you know it must be great!

The Real Deal

Yes, you may be a tourist, but you don’t want to eat like one. Give us the good stuff! 
The real local flavor! So many restaurants in well-traveled cities cater to tourists, and the food
 loses its originality and traditional flavor. You want to see local food on the menu. 
First, if you are in a non-English speaking country, check out that menu. 
If it is written in English instead of in the local language, it’s a sign to pick a new place!
 Henderson warns us that if it the restaurant promotes the view, the food probably isn’t as good. 
Go to the restaurant for the food, not the view. Also, stick to the locally obtained food. 
The closer it is grown or caught, the fresher it is going to be.

Use Your Senses

There is never a better opportunity to trust your instincts than when picking a restaurant.
 In every city there is a street or area that is filled with rows of restaurants, but the question lies in
 which one to choose. That’s where your senses come into play. Walk into each restaurant. 
Look around. If it smells good and looks good, it’s probably good. If every plate you see makes 
you say “I want to eat that!”, then go for it! According to Henderson, 
“If your mouth starts to water, it is the right restaurant for you”. If not, move onto the next one.

Mix up your sources

There are a ton of restaurant review sites available online, but they are most beneficial when
 cross referenced with other sites or opinions. With the Internet and social networks so 
commonly used, somebody is going to know somebody who lives in the city you are traveling.
 Explore your sources and ask around! You can even call a local food critic or editor for their 
opinion. You can get a professional opinion about the restaurants in a specific area.

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