Valuable lessons learned from 2012 Olympics

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Inspiration post written by Author Rolanda Pyle

I really enjoyed these last two weeks of Olympic games! I gained a new found respect for some athletes, and learned and now like some sports where I had little or no interest in the past. Go USA

I  learned these valuable lessons from the  2012 Olympics:

1) In order to reach our goals, it calls for preparation, hard work, sacrifice, focus and dedication.  Sometimes you have to work at it all of your life for that one moment of getting the gold.

2) It takes focus and sometimes you have to overlook and ignore people's opinions and what they think and say.

3) No matter how good you are, you will always have haters, criticizers, and naysayers. Haters will find the most ridiculous things to focus on and criticize.

4) Teamwork always pays off. You may have to work as a team with those  with whom you may compete with in every day life but you can and will do so to get the gold.

5) We are all representing something - whether our family, our name, our race, our country or our beliefs and that is whether we want to or not.

6) Patriotism still exists!

7) There is no time to waste! As soon as this one victory is over, they will immediately begin preparing for the next Olympics.

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