Soul Singer Ywada releases Pink & White , a song to fight against Breast Cancer

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The HFM Group chatted with Soul Singer Ywada. Ywada lost several family members and friends to Breast Cancer. She decided to record an exclusive song for Women's Breast Health Initiative (a national organization started by CNN Hero Andrea Ivory based out of Florida). Check out her interview. 


1. What are some struggles that you face being a woman in the music industry?
One of the struggles in this industry that I face is to gain respect being an independent artist and learning the ropes.  Sometimes people don’t take you as seriously. That is why it is important to know your business and to respect yourself so that others around you will respect you.

2. If you can pick one artist to work with, who will that be
I would have to say Ne-yo because I like the way he adapts to every artist that he has worked with. And he creates words and vocals to their style.

3.     How was your childhood, growing up in a musical background?
My childhood was great. I was blessed to grow up around wonderful musical influences that help me become who I am today. With my dad being a sound engineer, I have a great ear.   My mom is a singer, so I have a melodic voice, and they surrounded me around people that would give me that musical artistic balance.

4. What sets you apart from other singers?
I always like to say that there is only one Ywada and when you hear my sound, it comes across like a beautiful clear inspirational melodic voice, and you will know no matter where you are that is Ywada. Something else that separates me is that I speak from my heart when I’m singing.  No matter what I’m talking about, I’m expressing that emotion so whenever those words are heard you can feel what I’m saying.

5. At what age did you know that this was your God-given gift?
My parents would say from the womb. And I must agree it was something that was embedded in me from birth. Music is in my soul. Every note, every chord, every melody has a meaning to me. Music has always touched me in a different way than others. I would listen to a commercial and all I could hear was the music. Or even a cartoon and certain songs they would sing would touch me.

6. What are some of your influences?
I would like to say really good feel good music influenced me. I was always very passionate about my love for music. Also listening to the great late Whitney Houston influenced me.  I always felt she had an amazing voice and anytime you heard her, you knew it was Whitney Houston.

7. What advice will you give to upcoming artists?
 I will advise them to stay focused no matter what’s going on around them. No one is going to push you harder than yourself. There will be nights when you may feel like giving up, but if this is something that you really want. Don’t worry about the negative talk cause it will come. Just work harder at doing what you love best and have fun.

8. Yolanda Adams is one of our favorite gospel artists. How was it opening up for her? It was a great experience. It was actually an artist retreat and Dr. Bobby Jones introduced me on stage to her, and I began singing “The Battle is the Lord’s” a song that was on her album, and she came on stage and song right beside me. It was amazing.

9. Tell us about your upcoming projects. 
I have an awesome project in store for everyone. I’m actually doing the last finishing touches on my album title “Me Against Love” Coming out 2013. I can’t wait to share it with you all. It’s something that everyone can enjoy. I’m also working on a new video for my new single that will be coming out soon. Last but not least I’m also working along with the Women’s Breast Health to help fight for the cure. I wrote a song called pink and white which is on my website. You can download, and also give a donation and it all goes towards breast cancer awareness.

10. What is an inspiring message that you would like to give to those who suffer from breast cancer?
I would tell them to be strong. There is hope.  Stay away from the negative talk, keep uplifting people and loving people around you. Positive words can bring life into the weak. You will make it keep fighting as hard as you can.  Working together we can get this cure. I’m going to personally help as much as I can to help with this fight!

Thought I Was LOVED  (Unplugged)


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