9 Things to Do While You’re Still Single

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

We are advocates for being content while being single. You can be single, saved and satisfied until you meet your God-given mate. You should live your life with God during your singleness. When you are single, God can use you in a mighty way. You are able to focus on God without any distractions. 

Check this great article from Relevant Magazine. 

I've been single my entire life so far. And while there are difficult days, there are definitely upsides to being single that can be overlooked. There’s no reason to sit around, waiting for the dream guy or girl to come along.
As for me, I’m learning to live life, no matter my relationship status. After polling my married friends and reflecting over my life, here are the top things to do while you’re still single:

1. Travel As Much As Possible.

You have the time now and no one else’s schedule to work around! Go for it.
I’ve been fortunate enough to fly to visit college friends in Seattle and South Carolina, stand in my friend’s wedding in Texas, go on summer camping trips and spontaneous day road trips, and even live in three different states in the past few years.
Traveling gives you a chance to experience new things, expand your worldview and gives you a sense of pride (the good kind) in your abilities to handle things on your own. Plus, it’s just fun!

2. Save Money.

I’ll admit, this is one I am still working on. Adjusting to marriage can be difficult enough without the added stress of financial burdens. Many of my married friends recommend building up your savings and paying off as many loans as possible now as opposed to later. Also, practice budgeting now (I’m preaching to the choir here)—it’ll be one less thing to adjust to in married life eventually.

3. Enjoy Time With Friends

This one goes for time with both married and single friends. I treasure my relationships with my friends in both categories. Since I only have my schedule to consider right now, setting up times to grab coffee or go on weekend excursions is rather simple. Use this precious time with friends to the fullest—don’t let it slip by.

4. Get Involved With Church

Along with the time with friends, connecting at church is much easier to commit to when you’re single. I’m currently helping out with my church’s children’s ministry and love that I can dedicate as much time to it as I do. I’m usually free for the extracurricular events outside of Sunday mornings, too, so I try to help out with those as often as possible.
It can be easy to feel down about how open your schedule may seem without weekly romantic dates to go on, but it’s so fulfilling to use this season of life to invest in others.

5. Live With Friends

Once you marry your future spouse, that’s the last roommate you’ll ever choose to live with. Kind of crazy to think about, huh? So if you’ve always thought it would be fun to be the Rachel to your friend’s Monica or the Chandler to your friend’s Joey (sorry, I couldn’t resist a Friends TV show reference), what better time than now? I had a roommate who became a friend during my time living in Texas, and now my sister and I share a place, which is great. We both know that we might not be roommates forever — although we do have a backup plan to become crazy cat ladies together if necessary (just kidding…we like dogs better) — so we’re enjoying all the Netflix marathons, meals together, and general silliness we’re having while living together currently.

6. Go For Any Academic Dreams You Have.

When I entered college, my plan was to find a guy there, get engaged, graduate and get married.
Simple, right?
Well, thankfully God had different plans, because what I didn’t realize about myself back then was that I can be very easily distracted from a goal. Had I had a boyfriend, maybe I would have been too preoccupied to fully go after a dream I’d had since I was 8 years old: to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree. I ended up graduating with my BA in four years.
It’s never too late to go back, get another degree, go for a Master’s, etc, but it gets much more difficult once you’re married or thinking about starting a family. So if you have an education dream, now is the time.

7. Go On Mission Trips

This one goes along with the travel point. I am going on my first mission trip as an adult this summer (I’ve previously gone on two when I was still in high school) and I’m very excited about taking such a big step in faith. Yes, it takes a lot of commitment now, but it’s something I wanted to do during my time of singleness because I’ve had several friends, most of whom are married with young kids, who tell me they’d love to go on one too but it’s not the right time in life for them currently. For me, it is, and it’s something I don’t want to waste.

8. Establish Routines For Whatever You’re Passionate About.

If you have something you’ve always wanted to pursue, be it a new hobby, sport, dream, so on, work toward it now. Don’t let it be that mystical thing that you’ll get around to “eventually.” Sure, you’re busy, but you still have more free time now than you will later in life, so be brave and try something new!

9. Spend time with God

This one may seem obvious, but it’s interesting how easily it can be overlooked, at least in my own life. I have tons of time to do all the things I mentioned above, but most important of all is to spend quality time with my Savior.
Make it a part of your daily life now to read your Bible, pray, journal and go to a Bible study. Don’t forget the One who loves you most of all. It’s a great, important thing to try to accomplish everything listed above, but if we miss this last point, our time without a significant other will have been without a real purpose.
So, go ahead, embrace this thing we call singleness, achieve your goals, and follow God above all. Because life doesn’t start when you’re married—life is happening now.

NYC Restaurant Week Returns: July 21- August 15

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

NYC Restaurant Week Returns For its 22nd year, offering New Yorkers a great meal at a very affordable price.

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NYC Restaurant Week is New York City's original dining celebration and a pioneer in the dining industry. As the country’s first-ever restaurant week, it debuted in 1992 when it was developed as a one-time culinary event to welcome the Democratic National Convention (DNC) to the City. Though created to appeal to delegates and other DNC attendees, the program—with 95 participating restaurants—also found a strong following among residents excited to dine at some of the City's top restaurants for a fraction of the usual cost—$19.92 for a three-course lunch—and who wanted NYC Restaurant Week to be a recurring event.
Over the past  years, NYC Restaurant Week has grown tremendously yet has remained committed to giving visitors and residents the opportunity to experience the quality, variety and hospitality that embody the NYC dining experience.

10 Things Every Teenage Girl Needs to Know

Article from by Debra Fileta

I’ll never forget my high school days. 
I remember walking down those huge halls, surrounded by the buzz of morning chatter and the gossip of the weekend. I can almost still hear the sound of the slamming lockers, and smell the faint odor of cafeteria food looming in the air.
Walking down those halls was never an easy task. I always felt like I was on display…like there some sort of a spotlight shining on me, every…where…I…went. It was like constantly being under a magnifying glass- with every flaw being projected to the world in HD.
If I’m honest, I struggled a lot with my self-esteem as a teenager, and succumbed to the pressure of my peers probably one too many times.
Let’s not beat around the bush– the teenage years are straight up difficult. It’s hard to navigate the right and wrongs, to think ahead, and to know what’s good for you. It’s hard to feel beautiful, valuable, and strong when you’re constantly comparing yourself to the world around you.
There are so many things I know now, that I wish I could have known then. Here are 10 things I wish every teenage girl could hear:
1. You are valuable standing alone! I wasted so much time during my teen years focusing on guys! I felt insignificant and alone without their attention. I wish I would have known that my value is something that I choose to believe in– not something someone gives me. Girls, you are amazing, beautiful, and special right here, right now, just as you are. Don’t ever give in to the pressure to use your body, your words, or your actions in a compromising way just to get his attention. You are enough. Learn to believe that now, because that truth will change your entire life!
2. How you dress will attract a certain kind of guy. I know you get it girls- we all want to catch their eye don’t we? But what we don’t always realize is that when you catch a guy with your body, you’ll have to keep him with your body. There is so much more about who you are than the size of your boobs or the size of your waist. Learn to respect yourself, and accentuate the beauty of your heart, your mind, and your spirit. Because those are exactly the kind of things that will snag a really good man.
3. Your parents might not always get it, but they usually know what’s good for you. I know it’s hard to believe now, because it seems like they are so far removed from what you’re going through, but one thing I wish I would have done during my teen years is actually pay more attention to what my parents were saying. They knew me and loved me better than I even knew and loved myself, and the limits they set were almost always for my good. Now that I have children, I see that more than I ever could have imagined. I wish I would have trusted them more.
4. Hang in there; no matter how bad it feels right now, it will pass. If you thought the last lesson was hard to believe, this one’s even harder. I get it –that breakup, those betraying friends, the gossip that’s going around about you– can feel like the most devastating things in the moment. But as hard as they are, and as bad as you may feel, believe me: IT WILL PASS. Don’t be afraid to cry out for help, to talk to someone you love, and to reach out. But always remember that you are strong, you are capable, and you will get through this. Don’t give it the power to ruin your life.
5. You teach people how they are allowed to treat you. I have to admit, I’m still learning this one at times. But the truth is, you have more control than you could even imagine. You are allowed to walk away, to distance yourself, and to put a stop to those people who are treating you poorly. Teach people how they can treat you, by setting your standards high. You owe it to yourself.

6. Don’t care so much about what people think. It’s easy to place our value in what people think of us, but we’ll find ourselves on a never-ending emotional roller coaster when we realize we will never, ever make everyone happy. Love life, make good choices, do the right thing, and always live for an audience of One.
7. The road less traveled is usually the right one. I remember saying NO to so many things that everyone else seemed to be saying YES to. I can’t even tell you how hard that was at times, and how much I wanted to give in to that pressure. But now that I’m here, I look back and I can’t even thank God enough for helping me choose the road less traveled, and making good choices even when it was hard. Just because everyone’s doing it, doesn’t mean it’s good. I’m glad I didn’t have to learn that the hard way.
8. Your body doesn’t define you–you define yourself. Teen or not, this is something we wrestle with as girls on and off throughout our lives. But the truth is, we can’t let our bodies define us, because we have the power to define ourselves. Take the time to love yourself, to focus on your strengths, and to be grateful for the body God has given you. And then remember: You are the daughter of A King – live like it!
9. Be yourself, because everyone else is already taken. I remember trying so hard to fit in to places and people that I was never meant to fit. It took a while to find myself after losing myself in the crowd of everyone I was trying to be. But I finally learned to embrace myself, love my personality, and appreciate my quirks. God made you special just the way you are- so be yourself.
10. God has an amazing plan for your life, but it’s up to you to choose it. I think it’s easy to forget that good things can really happen. It’s easy to be filled with fears and worries in the moment, and doubt God’s great plans and purpose for our life. Sometimes we settle for an okay life, because we don’t believe there’s something better. But beautiful girls, you are destined for great things! Believe it, and then live it.

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