Holidays : A list of Dope Activities For the Holidays !

Friday, December 9, 2016

We Just  love the holidays.
They are a special reminder of the two greatest joys in life: our relationship with God and our relationships with others.
When it comes to making the most of the holidays, it’s important to take the time to connect with the people God has placed in our lives. Sometimes that means getting together and building our relationships with one another.  Other times, it means reaching out with the love of God to the world around us.
As you take the time to love and be loved this holiday season, here are a list of my favorite holiday activities that will add cheer, joy, and charity to your life and the lives of those around you!  So choose a date, send an invite, and make something happen!
1.  Have an Ugly Sweater Christmas Party
2.  Host a Cookie Exchange
3.  Get a group of friends together for Caroling.  Make it special by visiting those in need at a senior home, a children’s hospital, or a local shelter.
4.  A good ol’ snowball fight.  You’re never too old for this!
5.  Have a holiday photo booth! With fun props, signs, and outfits.
6.  Baking and decorating Christmas cookies!
7.  Wrapping up gifts to deliver to those in need.
8.  Getting together to fill Operation Christmas Child boxes to send to children in third world countries.
9.  A Christmas movie night marathon (It’s a Wonderful Life better make that list!)
10.  A contest for decorating the best Gingerbread man/house.
11.  Hosting a White Elephant Gift Exchange
12.  Christmas candy/Chocolate fondue night!
13.  Baking cookies to deliver to the Homeless Shelter
14.  Volunteering at a Soup Kitchen to serve a meal
15.  A Christmas Music Worship Night
16.  Check out the Big Tree at Rockefeller Center
17.  Hosting a clothing or Coat  drive
18.  A holiday-themed dinner party
19.  Having Friends and family  over for hot chocolate and cookies!
20.  A DIY Christmas Ornament Making Party
21.  A Holiday-themed Scavenger Hunt around Town
22.  Volunteering with the Salvation Army or Toys for Tots
23.  Getting involved with Angel Tree Ministries buying gifts for children of prisoners.
24.  Driving Around and Looking at Lights
25.  A Chat by the Fireplace with good friends and yummy hot drinks.
No matter how you choose to celebrate this Christmas season, be sure you take the time to love and be loved. 
What are some of your favorite holiday activities?

By Debra Fileta

Holidays : Classic Movie List for the Holidays , Whats is your Favorite ?

Most of us spend a good deal of time watching television or Netflix (Our Favorite) over the holiday season. If you are looking for your Holiday fix here is a  great list to use.

Here is our  pick for quality viewing time for the visitors in your home this week and next. There are also different movies we watch for different reasons.
1-     It's a Wonderful Life - On the Top of any list. We watch it every year, and it just keeps getting better.
2-      Miracle on  34th Street - The original is a heartwarming story. You cannot help but smile and think of the kinder days in your childhood.
3-      Deck the Halls-  It tells the story of just how competitive we have become with Christmas decorations
4-      The Santa Clause We all know what it’s like to have to agree to something and we feel unworthy.
5-      The Christmas Shoes It will make you pay attention to the people in front and around you. You may be able to make someone’s wish come true
6-      This Christmas It will remind you that being with family  is  truly the best gift of year.
7-      The Preacher’s Wife-  It tells the story of healing and love’s enduring heart.
8-      The Nativity. It reminds you  of what Christmas is Truly about
9-      The Polar Express. It may be animated but it tells a story of Hope.
10-    A Christmas Story. Surely we all have seen it but you need to watch it again just for the laugh out loud quality of the child and the frozen flag pole.
11-    Home Alone - The first one, not the sequels! A really good family film for the holidays, except there's no family! Funny gags, hilarious antics and truly feel-good moments as well. (one of our favorites)
12-     A Charlie Brown Christmas  - We know it's a made-for-TV movie, but to ignore it would be stupid. Generations of kids have grown up on it.
13-    Elf  - Will Ferrell drives this great-for-the-entire-family Christmas comedy. Of course the uncredited appearance of Peter Billingsley is a special holiday treat.
14 -   Bad Santa  - Come on, admit it! You know it made you laugh. There's just something funny about a drunken Santa.
Just Added - Best Man Holiday , just love that movie 
Also check out netflix , the hallmark channel and up channel , they have never let us down :) 

What is your favorite holiday movie?

Happy Viewing!

Summer 16 : Broadway Week Returns With 2-For-1 Tix (September 5 to September 18)

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Broadway Week - one of our favorite times of the year - returns with a a staggering 20+ Broadway shows offering 2 for 1 tickets. From Wicked to Jersey Boys to Lion King - many of the big names are included!

Here’s everyone’s big break into showbiz—two-for-one tickets

 to select Broadway productions from . 

Tickets are on sale. Click here to purchase tickets online and 

see specific information on blackout dates and exceptions for 

each show.

Read more: Broadway Week

#Summer 16: NYC Restaurant Week Returns: July 25- August 19

Friday, July 22, 2016

It’s summer in New York, which not only means beach days and calm nights but the return of NYC Restaurant Week. The twice-a-year food blowout offers three-course $29 lunches and $42 dinners between July 25 and August 19 at more than 380 restaurants throughout NYC, including some of the city’s best Italian restaurantsIndian restaurants and steakhouses. (Menu items are subject to change.) For more information, click here for the full list of participants for NYC Restaurant Week. 

Over the past  years, NYC Restaurant Week has grown tremendously yet has remained committed to giving visitors and residents the opportunity to experience the quality, variety and hospitality that embody the NYC dining experience.

Start arranging lunches and dinners with Bae and friends now! 

‪#‎HappyInternationalWomensDay: Words Of Wisdom from Self Made Female #Millionaire & #Billionaire #Entrepreneurs

Tuesday, March 8, 2016



I stumbled across this video on YouTube:

If you want inspiration, here’s 5 minutes in its purest, most unbound and limitless form.

Long story short, a handful of self-made  millionaire and billionaire entrepreneurs share their wisdom in bite-sized chunks. They talk about how they started, where and with what.

And how did they do it?

They believed in themselves. They loved what they did. They wanted more than anything to help people.

This video is great. Your first assignment is to watch it.

Come on, do it.

I promise, you’ll be glad you did.

Check out this link -

110 Random Acts of Kindness You Can Start Doing Today :)

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

We can get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life that we often forget to think of others. But a small gesture of kindness can not only make someone else’s entire day, but it can also make you feel good. So why not spread the love and try a random act of kindness today? Here are 110 ideas to get you started:


  1. Pray for someone .
  2. Help a younger sibling with homework or college and scholarship applications.
  3. Let a car merge in front of you and do it with a smile.
  4. Participate in a beach cleanup.
  5. Adopt an animal from the shelter.
  6. Help rebuild destroyed homes and communities.
  7. Pay the toll for the car behind you.
  8. Introduce yourself to neighbors and bring baked goods or sweets.
  9. Buy an extra cup of coffee in the morning and give to a co-worker.
  10. Help an elderly person cross the street.
  11. Smile at people.
  12. Open the door for someone.
  13. Help someone with their bags or luggage.
  14. Offer to take a picture for tourists.
  15. Leave a nice note for your partner.
  16. Pay for the coffee for the person behind you.
  17. Share your class notes with a classmate.
  18. Help a friend move.
  19. Talk to someone new and make a new friend.
  20. Make your roommate’s bed for them.
  21. Help a lost tourist find his or her way
  22. Pick up litter and put it in a trash can.
  23. Make a homemade treat for your pet.
  24. Forgive yourself for any mistakes you’ve made.
  25. Mentor someone.
  26. Give a generous tip to your waiter.
  27. Use a reusable water bottle or cup to help the environment.
  28. Plan a vacation for your parents.
  29. Bring a welcome gift to new neighbors.
  30. Respond to emails or texts promptly.
  31. Befriend a lonely person.
  32. Reach out to someone you haven’t talked to in a while.
  33. Compliment a stranger.
  34. Eat and buy local.
  35. Let someone take your parking spot.
  36. Plan a scavenger hunt for your kids.
  37. Buy or make a DIY toy for your pet.
  38. Volunteer to give a tour of your school.
  39. Don’t honk at cars (or people).
  40. Bring sweet treats to the office to share.
  41. Treat yourself to a nice long bath.
  42. Donate your blood at a blood drive.
  43. Sit with someone who is eating alone.
  44. Read to the elderly.
  45. Tell your parents you love them and how much you appreciate everything they have done for you.
  46. Let someone go in front of you at the cashier.
  47. Donate clothes and shoes to the needy.
  48. Clean up after someone in the lunchroom or cafeteria.
  49. Give your partner a massage.
  50. Recommend your favorite restaurant to a tourist.
  51. Volunteer at a soup kitchen.
  52. Wash your partner’s car for them.
  53. Let go of old grudges.
  54. Help your kids build a tree house.
  55. Do your sibling’s household chore.
  56. Praise a child to the parents while the child is present.
  57. Hold the elevator door for others.
  58. Offer someone a piece of gum.
  59. Bring misplaced shopping carts back to the designated area.
  60. Organize a study session for your classmates.
  61. Send a photo in a frame to your parents (or grandparents).
  62. Offer to babysit your friends’ kids for free.
  63. Donate your locks of hair.
  64. Tell someone you’ve fought with that you’re sorry and that you forgive them.
  65. Sign up to be an organ donor.
  66. Leave extra time in a parking meter.
  67. Pay for your friend’s tab.
  68. Return a lost item to the owner.
  69. Visit a nursing home and make a new friend.
  70. If it rains a lot in your area, give an umbrella to a homeless person.
  71. Be kind to someone you dislike.
  72. Encourage someone who is working hard at the gym.
  73. Vacuum the floor for your roommate.
  74. Take a shorter shower to conserve water.
  75. Make a donation in your name to a charity you care about.
  76. Bring homemade food, like a lasagna or casserole, to a new mom or single mom.
  77. Teach a child how to ride a bike.
  78. Bring a homeless person some food and a drink.
  79. Send a care package to your children, friends, or elderly parents.
  80. Email your boss or professor and tell them how much you love learning from them.
  81. Say “good morning” and “thank you” to public service workers (bus drivers, police officers, mail carriers, and firefighters).
  82. Help a friend hunt for a job.
  83. Let your friend vent and listen to her problems.
  84. Make a playlist for your friends.
  85. Let someone else take your seat on public transportation.
  86. Praise the work of others.
  87. Tell a street performer how amazing he or she is.
  88. Share your umbrella with someone who didn’t bring one.
  89. Cook a meal for your partner.
  90. Help someone carry groceries to the car.
  91. Offer to work late for a co-worker who needs to leave early
  92. Donate books to the local library or bookstore.
  93. Let go of the stress in your life by having an at-home spa day.
  94. Volunteer at an animal shelter during adoption events.
  95. Sponsor a child in a developing country.
  96. Write a letter to your former schoolteachers and tell them how much they influenced you.
  97. Ride your bike to work or school.
  98. Help someone change the tires.
  99. Sign up for a bone marrow donation.
  100. Volunteer at a disabled student’s learning center.
  101. Fold the laundry for your partner.
  102. Offer your seat on a plane so a family or couple can sit together.
  103. Support your own and your friends’ kids at their recitals and games.
  104. Be proud of all your accomplishments.
  105. Participate in a fund-raiser or donation.
  106. Tell your partner that he or she looks extra handsome or beautiful today.
  107. Offer to pick up your friend’s children after school.
  108. Offer to pet-sit for your friend for free.
  109. Hug someone you love like you mean it.
  110. Wash your roommate’s dishes for them.








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